Georgian-French Music Band "Murman Tsuladze" To Perform In Georgia on October 19

Murman Tsuladze is a music band, which has Georgian and French roots and at this moment, the group prepares to perform in Tbilisi, Politika Bar for the first time.

New Taxi Company at Tbilisi International Airport

As from today taxi services at Tbilisi international airport will be provided by new electric cars and hybrid type vehicles belonging to the company Bene Exclusive.

Georgia to Present Project 'Follow the Journey of Georgian Characters' at Frankfurter Buchmasse

At the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019, 16-20 October Georgia will present the project "FOLLOW THE JOURNEY OF GEORGIAN CHARACTERS"

Young Georgians Celebrate International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction in the rebuilt Tbilisi Zoo

Tbilisi Zoo turned into an educational playground today showcasing the benefits of climate-proof urban development that protects people and infrastructure from catastrophic disasters.

New Trade Areas to be Settled on Surami, Shorapani, Zestaponi Sections of Autobahn

As Irakli Karseladze declares, Autobahn's new sections will ambage current trade areas, but it is also planned to settle new trade areas for retaining local community's income.

Belavia Announced Special Prices of Planned Flights in the Direction of Tbilisi

The airline company, Belavia announced special prices of future flights in the direction of Tbilisi, Munchen, Rome, and Paris.

The New Rebranded Station of SOCAR is Designed with Shamrocks and Irish Pub Elements

Almost everyone has heard about SOCAR’s ongoing creative campaign which is dedicated to the 2020 Football Championship.

Unique masterpieces and creative technique of painting - Tbilisi hosts the exhibition of famous Georgian artist

"Space transferred in color" - this is the title of the exhibition hosted by the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on October 11th.

The Washington Times: Georgia is Key for Latest Geopolitical Strategies Realignment

From Europe to Asia, geopolitical strategies are realigning, and all of the moving pieces converge in the Caucasus region, which includes three post-Soviet countries: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.