Georgia – Startup that Provides COVID-19 Prevention Services

Founded in December 2020, Georgian startup provides COVID-19 prevention services.

Salome Jashi's Taming the Garden to Screen at New York Film Festival

Salome Jashi's latest documentary, Taming the Garden, became a participant of the New York Film Festival - New Directors / New Films.

Merab Ninidze is a Leading Actor in the New German Mini-series

On April 8, German TV channel ZDF will release a new mini-series Ballouz, starring Georgian actor Merab Ninidze.

El AL Renews Flights in Georgia

Israel air company El AL prepares for renewing the flights to Georgia. 

Construction of New 9 Km Tunnel on Kvesheti-Kobi Road Begins in Summer

Construction of a new 9-kilometer tunnel on the Kvesheti-Kobi road will begin in the summer.

Zaza Khalvashi's Lotto to Screen at Vilnius International Film Festival

The screening of the last picture Lotto by Georgian director, Zaza Khalvashi will be held at Vilnius International Film Festival, within the frameworks of the industrial program.

Different Countries Purchased Alexander Koberidze's Film

The prestigious French sales company Cercamon has completed the main sale of Alexander Koberidze's film - "What do we see when we look at the sky?".

Tbilisi Movie Theaters Return with Updated Posters from April 8

Tbilisi's movie theaters will be able to host visitors from April 8th.  

Socar Warns Georgians about Fraudulent Scheme

The company Socar publishes an official statement regarding the information spread on the Internet.