Cyprus is 13th Country in EU to Recognize Georgia as the Safe Country

Cyprus recognized Georgia as a safe country - the Ministry of Cyprus has issued a decree in this regard.

French Magazine Named Levan Gelbakhiani as one of the Most Talented Stars of Festival De Cannes

And Then We Danced was screened within the category called Director's Fortnight by Levan Akin.

Liberty Announced New Social Project - Move with Liberty

On June 8, another new social project initiated by Liberty, which allows anyone to do sport and recreational activities, in Tbilisi, at four different locations. 

Georgian Student to Start Working As a Software Engineer on eBay

Fourth-year Georgian student, Ana Gurgenidze has been hired in eBay.

Georgia to Join Multicultural Workshop on Animal Welfare Transportation

On 11 June, Chief Veterinary Officers and experts from the Republic of Moldova and Georgia will join their counterparts from some of the EU’s other Neighbourhood countries.

Driving Licenses to Become Obligatory for Scooter and Light Quad Drivers

Scooter and light quad drivers will be obliged to take driving licenses, the bill of amendments to the Law on Road Traffic reads.

Higher Temperature Expected in Georgia this Summer

In the summer of 2019, the average temperature is expected to be 1 degree higher.

World Bank and Government of UK to Support Development of Vocational Education and Training in Georgia

The project will support Georgia in raising the quality of Vocational Education and Training (VET) through improved teacher management and professional development.

Khachapuri and Churchkhela Among Best Street Foods

The owner of the American restaurants, Rose Previte has created the list, concerning the best street foods, according to Forbes.