Cercamon Acquires Rights to Alexander Koberidze’s What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

Cercamon acquired the rights to Alexander Koberidze's film "What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?".

Vaccine Becomes Available for People Age 55 or Over

People aged 55 and over will also be included in vaccination.

We Agreed on 1 Million Doses with Pfizer - Ekaterine Tikaradze

According to the minister of healthcare, Ekaterine Tiakradze, the negotiations with Pfizer are completed and they discussed the matters of 1 million doses of vaccine to arrive in Georgia.

Georgia to Move on to Mass Immunization from July

As the head of the National Center for Disease Control, Amiran Gamkrelidze declared, Georgia will most likely move on to Mass immunization from July.

Georgian Drift Series 2021 Holds Presented by Socar Georgia Petroleum

Organized by BMW Club Georgia, the official opening ceremony of Georgian Drift Series 2021 will be held at Rustavi Metallurgical Plant on April 11th.

Theaters Schedule Plays on Weekends Due to Curfew

Theaters will open in Georgia from April 1, although due to the regulations in force in the country, they will work only on weekends.

Georgian Figure Skater Moris Wins Ticket to Winter Olympic Games

Georgian figure skater Moris Kvitelashvili won the ticket for the Winter Olympic Games in Sweden’s capital Stockholm on Saturday.

Georgian Rugby Team Defeated Romania in Europe Championship

The national rugby team defeated Romanian peers in the IV Round of the European Rugby Championship.

Georgian Movies to Watch Set in the Former Soviet Union

Georgian cinema - a big part of Georgian culture originates in the early twentieth century and spans more than 100 years of existence.