And Then We Danced to Compete for the 2020 Oscars

"And Then We Danced" will be presented at the 92nd American Film Academy Awards, in international feature film [Foreign Language Film] category .

Eliava Park Tibilisi Landscape Project - Design by Artytechs

Georgia is an important transit country and with its geopolitical location it represents a bridge between the West and Central Asian countries.

The Future Camp to be Built in the Village Tskemi of Abasha Municipality

Martvili Single Mandate MP and the Chair of the Agrarian Issues Committee, Otar Danelia and Mayor of Abasha Municipality, Levan Makalatia were acquainted with the ongoing works necessary for implementing the Future Camp.

Nino Kharatishvili to be a Winner of Schiller Memorial Prize 2019

The Schiller Memorial Prize is a literature prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

Nutsa Gogilashvili to be a Head of Human Capital and Customer Experience Department

Until now she was heading Customer Experience Department of Bank of Georgia.

Trampoline Jump Infrastructure to be Restored in Bakuriani

Three new ropeways will be installed at Didveli, Bakuriani. The total length of the ropeways is 5 km.

Ryanair Likely to Start Operating in Georgia

Irish low-budget company Ryanair, probably, will operate in Georgia.

3D Printed Qvevri is the Finalist of Future Agro Challenge

For the winning one can vote its favorite contestant online.