Tamar Gabunia: Vaccination will Start in February

Deputy Minister of Healthcare, Tamar Gabunia declared, that Georgia has ordered one and a half million doses of vaccine via COVAX platform, perhaps, its delivery will not be completed at once.

Air Arabia Returns to Georgia's Aviation Market

After several months of suspension, Arabian air company Air Arabia returns to Georgia's aviation market.

Flights to Tusheti to Resume

The flights to Tusheti will be resumed.

Tbilisi City Hall to Pay EUR 1.85 Million to DOPPELMAYR for Finishing Mtatsminda-Rustaveli Cableway

Tbilisi Transport Company of Tbilisi City Hall will pay GEL 7.4 million to DOPPELMAYR company for finishing the Mtatsminda-Rustaveli cableway.

Electronic Music composer Anushka Chkheidze Performs at Dutch Festival ESNS 2021

Eurosonic Noorderslag is one of the largest Dutch music exhibition-festivals, aiming to discover new artists and exchange music on the European stage.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Might be Available for Georgian Citizens

According to the minister of healthcare, legislative changes are needed in order to introduce Georgian citizens to the vaccine, thus, work has already begun on this matter.

Health Minister: Georgia will Start Pfizer Vaccination Soon

Soon we will have the opportunity to vaccinate our citizens by Pfizer, Georgian Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze noted during her meeting with the US Ambassador in Georgia.

Lithuania Approves Sakartvelo as Official Name for Georgia

Lithuania has approved "Sakartvelas" (Sakartvelo) as its official name for Georgia, meaning that it has to be used in all official Lithuanian-language documents.

Georgia Among Best Places for Remote Working in 2021

The international traveling platform, Big Seven Travel announced the 50 best places for remote working in 2021, and Georgia ranks 2nd place.