Posted: 1 month ago

Jil Ebanoidze Becomes Director of Payments at

Jill Ebanoidze has been living in Amsterdam for 12 years. She pursued her master's degree at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Recently, she became the Director of Payments at, which includes a number of important responsibilities during the reorganization of the platform. However, prior to Booking, she had 10 years of experience on eBay, where she was a member of the Global Finance Group and had a relationship with several state markets.

"Citizens of each country want to use the means of payment that are familiar to them. We did a lot of work on this matter. Therefore, I handled all of eBay's revenues and financial side. Communication with different market places, payment companies, and fintech was part of our daily lives.", noted Jil Ebanoidze.

Founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, is available in 43 languages and offers more than 28 million reported accommodation listings, including over 6.2 million homes, apartments, and other places to stay. 

"People do not want to use several platforms anymore, they wish to receive all the services needed united in one space. In fact, the margin does not exist anymore in the activities of tech companies, and Booking is in the process of developing and refining financial technologies for its sub-brands. The companies, such as Facebook and Google are creating non-profile products actively. The share of young customers in the portfolio grows slowly, which is why organizations change. Experiments like this are the key to the future, and whoever introduces this innovation faster, will be the winner." 

Jil Ebanoidze will play one of the crucial roles both in obtaining a license and maintenance.

"We will have 4 licenses in total: for the EU markets, for the US, Singapore, and the UK. This process started years ago, but its monitoring will be necessary for the future. We are forming a special team for this, in which I am actively involved. As a result, I will be working on developing an operational strategy, its management, and relations with regulators.

I have not had a business relationship with Georgia for a long time, however, the permanent connection with my country has never been broken. Georgia has a small market, so entrepreneurs create a global product in order to succeed. It is acceptable to use Georgia at minimum viable product (MVP) stage, but its launch must definitely take place in global markets."