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Photo: Kremlin Press Office

Syria’s President Bashar Assad Held a Meeting with Vladimir Putin in Kremlin

Syrian President Bashar Assad visited Moscow on a working visit in the evening on 20 October, Russian news agency “Interfax” reports.

According to Kremlin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Putin held talks with Assad in the narrow as well as expanded formats. Syrian President elaborated on the situation in the country and its “future plans.” They discussed with Putin the fight against terrorist groups and the continued Russian military operation, Peskov said.

Bashar Assad in the Kremlin

According to the Kremlin’s transmission of the meeting, the first thing Assad thanked the leadership and people of Russia was the help of Syria and support for its unity and independence. “The most important thing is that all this is done within the framework of international law,” he said. According to him, the political forces in Moscow, who were involved from the beginning of the Syrian crisis, did not allow events to develop “at a tragic scenario.”


“Terrorism, which now has spread in the region, if not for your actions and your decisions, would take a much larger area and spread to an even larger area” – quoted the Kremlin press service. Assad also said that terrorism must be combated as such, and then that it is an obstacle to political settlement. He added that “any military action suggests further political steps,” and the overall goal should be “what the Syrian people want to see in the future of their country.”