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Japan Asks People To Change their Logo for Tokyo 2020

Cult movie lovers have watched Tokyo be destroyed by Godzilla and others. Game lovers have taken the city out in King of Tokyo.

And recently, the city itself did a bit of brand damage as it prepares for the 2020 Olympic Games: It unveiled a logo that many thought too closely resembled the logo for Belgium’s Theatre de Liege.

Since that logo was dropped—a fact that has one Belgian designer filing a lawsuit—Olympic and Paralympic organizers in Japan are now turning to the public to help them out of the PR jam. They have opened up a competition to the public to find a new logo. Meanwhile, the Belgian theater decided to waive charges of plagiarism, Bloomberg reports.

Logo submissions are due by December 7 and must be created by a Japanese adult or someone with the right of residence in Japan. The design should signal that the Games are being held in Tokyo and “elicit empathy” across the globe, The Drum reports.

Keywords for the concept of the emblems, according to the selection committee, are:

  • The power of sport
  • Typifying Japan and/or Tokyo
  • World peace
  • Achieving a personal best, exerting the utmost efforts
  • Inclusivity
  • Innovation
  • Futuristic
  • Recovery, Reconstruction (from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami)

By the time the actual Olympics roll around, this logo mishap should be long forgotten. Japan is hoping journalists and visitors will be more focused on its use of robotics.

Tokyo is creating a “universal future society” in which robots will help the nearly 1 million spectators carry their luggage, hail taxis, and offerfree and instant translation services, according to Business Insider.The taxis, by the way, may be self-driving cars.

Most cities just build an Olympic village for athletes, but this would be a robotic Olympic village to show off Japan’s constant work in this field. As Business Insider notes, Japan wouldn’t mind if there were a Robot Olympics along with the real Games. They just need to be sure to get the logo right.

Tokyo Olympic Village