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Istanbul Reklam Market Manager, Mariam Arevadze: Advertising is a Permanent Engine of Business

Advertising company ‘’Istanbul Reklam Market’’ offers wide range of advertising services. If one needs a real amendment to make business more successful and lucrative – They know it how to achieve the aim at the company.

According to company business development manager, Mariam Arevadze, efficiant communication with a customer and sharing right information is a key of success. ‘’It’s hard to imagine modern world without advertising. Good advertising is a permanent engine for business.’’

Our company had established 3 years ago in Georgia. Although, it has 18 years history in Azerbaijan, our Head Office. Customers’ demands change along the years, innovative technologies are being created and advertising market develops.

‘’Istanbul reklam Market’’ follows the changes, although stably maintains its main values – responsibility, quality and individual approach. Our company’s professional team is ready for cooperation.

 Corporate responsibility 

We are ready to cooperate with you and we know how to get desired result according to your will. We don’t serve any other clients during our cooperation with you! We have our partners which tells a lot.


Our company guarantees high quality result. Our business area is beyond the country’s borders – Head Office in competitive environment, such as Azerbaijan, tells you about the reputation of the company.

Individual approach

Your business is unique. Our approach – individual. It’s our priority to Create top quality product based on customer’s demands.

Why you should choose our company

  • We are responsible to fulfill the order of our customer on time.
  • It’s convenient and comfortable to cooperate with us, each customer is very important to us.
  • ‘’Istanbul Reklam Market’’ is a relaiable partner. We offer authentic, creative decisions.
  • We are responsible on quality, as well as deadlines.

What is the main profile of the company?

The main profile of the company is inner and outward advertising full service:

*Large-scale printing
* Vehicle branding
* Billboards
* Volume letters
* Light boxes
* Advertising tabs
* Polygraph
* Advertising stands
* Creating individual design
* Flags
* Awards
* Promo gift items
* soft wares branding

This is the list of services that can be offered by our team. We propose any kind advertising service and planning PR activities, carrying it out productively, as well as involving in promo actions.

Tell us about one of the project implemented by your company.

We implemented numerous projects during these years. One of the last one that we carried out recently is ‘’Beko’’s 20th anniversary. We had to furnish the stage for the event, branded the Automobile, designed certificates/awards and further details. We are glad to be the part of this project and I think we made it properly. We are looking forward to larger projects and challenges along company’s growth daily.

Who are your partners?

The number of our partners is large, including hundreds of organization. I would emphasize: Macro Construction (Belissa), Beko, NK, Flo, Polaris, Hilt, Henkel and some more large segment company or store. The list increases every day as our service range is big.

Remember the largest project for your company when you were taking a start.

It was in 2014, March, Lightened letters and light boxes for LTD Castel Georgia, after what the number of our projects increased day by day.

Do you have an enterprise, what kind of supplies do you save there?

Of course, our company owns an enterprise where we prepare every service, we have printing machines, plotter, CNC Router service, and company has its own installer, which complete an order on time.

What are your future plans?

We are planning to participate in large projects and plan innovations, which I can share later. We are going to add promo company, that means following: planning promo actions, promo girls service and helping implementing it successfully.

Our motto is: Istanbul Reklam Market, a place where your dreams will come true.