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Inspiring model with Down’s Syndrome Changing Perceptions of Beauty

Teenage girl with Down’s Syndrome is challenging traditional attitudes towards beauty by embracing her disability as a ‘gift’. Madeline Stuart, 18, posed for a series of stunning pictures after changing her outlook and shedding more than 40 pounds.


The model, who cut out junk food and exercised more to get into shape, wants people to know that she sees her genetic condition as a ‘blessing’.And the determined teen, from Brisbane, Australia, has posed confidently and glamorously in front of the cameras to celebrate her beauty and challenge attitudes about disability.

Madeline Stuart
Glamour girl: Madeline looks supremely confident in the shoot

Weight gain is often an issue for people with Down’s but now Madeline can run without feeling exhausted. Madeline, who also has a heart condition, also loves dancing, gymnastics, basketball and cheerleading. With the support of her mother Rosanne – she is now determined to make it into the fashion industry to give an overtly positive impression to the outside world.

Madeline Stuart

Madeline’s stunning photoshoot has drawn universal praise on her Facebook page.

Cas WA, said: “Not only will you be a model, you will be a role model for all down syndrome children to thrive for success in any industry.

Madeline Stuart
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