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Georgian Travel Companies not See the Reason for Panic due to Turkey’s Current Turmoil

Despite the current turmoil in Turkey, Georgian travel companies do not see the grounds for panic. According to them, nothing alarming is happening in the resort towns and tourist groups are resting there in the usual way.

As a representative of the Global Travel company states CBW,  any riots are not occurring in Alanya.

“We have talked to the Georgian consulate, where we are told that nothing like this is happening. We do not understand why the media  spread panic among the people. We have to explain our clients that the situation is not alarming there”, say in  Global Travel.

According to them, Antalya program ends on October 2, flights are carried out four  times a week in the usual way. Travel company Orange Travel doesn’t face any problems due to the riots as well. “Let’s Travel and  Sunexpress  tourist agencies have also sent tourist groups to Turkey’s resorts. They say, the demand for Alania is not so high in September.

Four Seasons Tours travel  company expects  the demand for Turkey’s resort towns to discontinue. In their words, tourist season in Alania lasts  until the middle of October, but this time  no group has been sent there. As the company says, due to the recent situation in Turkey, the demand for all tours to  Turkey has decreased, and the number of users, reduced by about 20%.

As reported, clashes occurred in Turkey’s resort town of Alanya last night. According to the local media, several restaurants and night clubs were engulfed in flames. One of them has burnt down completely. Emergency service employees were mobilized at the scene all night long.

Information about casualties has not been released yet.

The clashes began after the members of PKK (a Kurdish organization internationally recognized as a terrorist group) killed 14 law enforcement officers. Turkish nationalists attacked an office representing a pro-Kurdish party after the fact.

As a reminder, many Kurds are employed in bars and restaurants around the town, which is very popular vacation spot. The city of Alanya  is the resort area where there is a multitude of tourists especially during the summer period. Due to the recent developments in Turkey, the Georgian Embassy in Turkey released a special statement.

“Due to the recent developments in Turkey, the Georgian Embassy calls on citizens of Georgia to be careful. We call on Georgian citizens to take security warnings spread by Turkey’s corresponding services into consideration,” the statement reads. Georgian consul in Turkey Jemal Gogitidze says  that the Georgian citizens in Turkey did not contact  the Embassy for assistance.

In the consul’s words,  information that something serious is going on Turkish tourist zone is exaggerated.