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Cross-border Concert in EaP Region Showcases Unique Music Technology

A recent concert showcased the unique music technology being used in Europe and its Eastern Partner countries to help connect performers in different locations.

The concert used the technology to connect Estonian and Armenian musicians in Tallinn with a group of Belarusian and Georgian performers in Minsk in real time, allowing them to play along with one another seamlessly.

The concert, entitled ‘Music Without Borders’, attracted an international audience including Ministers and Ambassadors from around Europe.

The event took place in early October and was organised through the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project, with partners from five European countries. According to EaPConnect, it aimed to introduce the unique ‘LoLa’ (short for ‘low latency’) data transmission technology to Estonia and the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region and demonstrate how it supports cross-border collaboration.

This was the first time that the LoLa technology had been used in Estonia and Belarus, showing the capacity of the national research and education networks to support its use.

‘Music Without Borders’ was hosted by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) in Tallinn and the Academy of Sciences in Minsk.