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Armenian Importers Meet Carrefour’s Entry into the Market with Hostility

The first Carrefour hypermarket in Armenia will open in Yerevan, most probably, in the beginning of March, French ambassador to Armenia jean-Francois Charpentier told a press conference on Wednesday.

Preparations for the opening will be completed soon, he said.

Charpentier also said the management of the hypermarket will rather prefer working with local producers. Specific products, certain brands of wines and cheese in particular, will be also available in the shop, he said.

The preliminary agreement between Yerevan Mall trade center and Carrefour was signed in Yerevan on May 13, in the presence of the presidents Serzh Sargsyan and Francois Hollande.

Entry of Carrefour Hypermarket into Armenian market creates some serious problems for many companies in the country – See more at:

In particular, Carrefour demands discounts around 15 percent from suppliers and payments amounting to millions as cooperation precondition.

If Armenian suppliers refuse to cooperate with Carrefour, the company will start buying goods from other countries and will establish own industry, which will strike hard at small and mid-scale businesses here and will drive to closure of many companies.

The Armenian authorities of his Dubai-run company have an ambition to occupy 50% of Yerevan’s market. This puzzles suppliers, since if they don’t cooperate with Carrefour, they will lose a huge market. SAS and Yerevan City supermarkets that operate in Armenia long time, on their side, intend to demand the same and even better preferences.

Carrefour SA is a French retail trade company and operator of Carrefour, the world’s second biggest chain of hypermarket after Wal-Mart.

The hypermarket will be opened in the territory of Yerevan Mall that occupies premises of 66,000 square meters, of which 10,000 square meters are built up in accordance with Carrefour standards