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Vintage 2017 – Kakhetian Farmers Earn 60mln GEL

Kakheti Region winegrowers have earned 60mln GEL from sales of grapes to winemaking companies.

As of 10 o’clock of September 18, winemaking companies in Kakheti Region have processed 50 000 tons of grapes, including 20.1 thousand tons of Rkatsiteli, 25.6 thousand tons of Saperavi, 1.7 thousand tons of Kakhetian Green and other varieties.

A total of 5 855 winegrowers have sold grapes to winemaking companies in Kakheti Region.

At this stage, 97 winemaking companies are participating in grapes processing, while the vintage coordination board has registered 177 winemaking companies.

Daily processing volume made up 5 000 tons and this signifies the vintage in Kakheti Region has entered an active phase.

Processing volumes in Kakheti Region districts are as follows: Kvareli – 18.6 thousand tons, Gurjaani – 11.3 thousand tons, Sighnaghi – 7.6 thousand tons, Telavi – 6.9 thousand tons, Dedoplistskaro- 2.1 thousand tons, Lagodekhi – 1.7 thousand tons, Akhmeta – 1.2 thousand tons and Sagarejo – 780 tons.