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Vinoge Reveales Top 5 Georgian Wines of July 2017

Wine club Vinoge named top 5 Georgian Wines for July, 2017. Focusing on amber wines.

Kisi traditional, Lukasi, 2015

Cellar Lukasi ripened Kisi on chacha, following Kakhetian traditional rule, picked in Argokhi. The wine spent a year in the oak. It’s an amber wine, with very effective first sweet flavor, where you can easily recognize apricot, sugared citruses, vanilla muffin. It’s quite elegant wine, mildly consisting tannin and with soft finish of oak.

Mtsvane Kakhuri, Petriaant Cellar, 2015

Curious wine lover already knows Mtsvane Kakhuri from Petriaant Cellar. This one is Khodashnuri Mtsvane, strong, characteristic, aged on Chacha and main stalk of bunch of grapes during 6 months. It’s pleasantly amber and has strong herbal aromas- savory, Imeretian saffron, black tea. It is characterized by the most desirable alcohol (13.5%) for Kakhetian wine, has sensible, pure acidity. The finish is long and full of nuances.

Mtsvane Qvevris, Giuaani, 2014

This wine is made as green, in a traditional way in Marani, aged on chacha for 5 months in qvevri. After that it spent 4 months in oak barrel. It’s a golden wine that has very effective first scents, where you find a ripe fruit (yellow peach and pear), as well as apricot dried fruit and fried quince. It’s distinguished by mild tannin and pleasant acidity.

Kondoluri, Gvardzelashvilebi Cellar, 2016

Amber wine was made in Gvardzelashvilebi Cellar, last year, in a traditional way, in Qvevri. It’s intensive amber, even a scarlet, picked in Kondoli, consisting Rkatsiteli (60%) and Mtsvane Kakhuri (40%). It has strong first scents, where you sense ripe zizyphus and apricot dried fruit. These aromas are more accurate and filled with other sweet tones in the middle and has a very nice finish, with high acidity and strong tannin.

Rkatsiteli, Papari Valley, 2016

Grapes were picked from Akhasheni Papari Valley, aged for 8 months. Amber, sparkling wine with sweetish first scent, where you can smell sweet flavors besides Georgian apple and apricot.  It’s a pleasant, rich tannin, alive acidity and pure  young wine. Classical example of Qvevri Rkatsiteli.