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Georgian Woman Made Wine “Mandili” to Export Abroad

The brand appears this year and it is completed exported abroad. Marina Kurtanidze has a family Marani since 2003 but she started producing her own wine later, during one of vintage. 

“My Husband always made his wine. In 2003, he started producing wine. Soon afterwards, the whole family was involved in this business. We met people from this field and found out that a lot of women in Europe were involved in producing natural wine. Since then, I started to think I wanted to make my own wine. In 2012, I did my first wine with the help of my frineds, Tea Malanashvili and Ana Cheishvili. The wine turned out so tasty, it impressed our competitors”-said Marina Kurtanidze.

The first wine-maker woman named the wine “Mandili”. She makes wine from Manavi Mtsvane which is unique with its aroma. In spite of small production which is 1000 bottles, “Mandili” is completely exported abroad. Export countries are Italy, US, Ukraine, Franc and Poland. 

When I started wine-making, the business environment was ready to accept women in this field. Nowadays, new wine maker women appeared and this is very good. Women came out from shadows – said Marina Kurtanidze.