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Georgian Wine Wins Diamond Trophy in Japan

Saperavi 2015, wine bottled by Vaziani Company has obtained Diamond Trophy, the highest award of Sakura competition in Japan.

In February 2017 this wine won Double Gold medal in Sakura competition (http://georgianwine.gov.ge/geo/new/13043) . Under the competition terms, the wine was admitted to Foodex Japan 2007 exhibition for obtaining Diamond Trophy award.

The highest award of Sakura competition was handed over to a representative of Vaziani Company at Foodex Japan 2017 on March 7.

Giorgi Samanishvili, head of National Wine Agency, says that this success is an important victory for Georgian wine population worldwide.

“I congratulate the company on this much success. Winning similar prestigious competitions will increase perception of this company and Georgian wine, in general,  and popularize them on Japanese market. National Wine Agency of Georgia plans to carry out important marketing campaigns in Japan in 2017”, Giorgi Samanishvili said.

The 4rd “Sakura” Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2017) is a large-scale contest and its jury is staffed with sommelier women, reporters and writers. In February twelve Georgian wines won various awards at the Competition, including 1 Double Gold, 6 Gold and 5 Silver medals.

For the first time, Diamond trophy was transmitted to Chkhaveri wine of Lukasi company in 2015.