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Georgian Wine Tasting in Krakow

With the National Wine Agency contractor company   “Malinova” organization,  Georgian wine tasting is held  in one of the biggest shopping mall chains in  Krakow,  where visitors can taste various Georgian wines.

The event is open for all people who are interested in. The target are people who are looking for specific, better, interesting products to put it on easter table.

Degustation  and selling stands were prepared  for importers, which is a great opportunity for new importers who have huge ambitions to enter to Polish market with their wines.

The event already started on 22.03 and it is going to last until 30.03.

According to the representatives of the company “Malinova”, new importers have already signed a contract with two Georgian companies.

With the support of the National Wine Agency, various activities aimed at promoting Georgian wine will be held throughout Poland, as this country represents one of the strategic markets for Georgian wine export. Poland is in the  five of  Georgian wine exporter countries  and according to the data of 2017, 2 676 440 bottles of wine was  exported from  Georgia to Poland, which is 15% higher than the similar data of   2016. According to data of January-February 2018, 441 thousand bottles of wine was  exported,  which is 41% higher than the data of the  previous year.