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Georgian Wine Presentation held in Poland

Presentation of Georgian wine was held in Zakopane and Krakow in Poland cities. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, presentation was organized by the wine company “Malinova”, in the framework of skiing sports cup, where guests were able to taste different types of Georgian wines.

At the event organized by “Malinova” in Krakow, Georgian wines were tasted at one of the halls of the main museum of the city’s main square, where up to 200 guests were invited to attend the event. According to the rules of the museum, only white wines were presented.

With the support of the National Wine Agency, various activities aimed at promoting Georgian wine will be held throughout Poland during an year, as this country represents one of the strategic markets for Georgian wine export.
Poland is in the top five of the exporting countries of the Georgian wine and according to the data of 2017,  2 676 440 wines were exported from Georgia, which is 15% higher than the 2016.