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Georgian Wine and Alcohol Company Presented a New Premium, Cultic Wines

“Vardisubani”, “Akura” and “Artana” – these are the new premium wines, presented by Georgian wine and spirits company GWS on June 23. The company presented a collection of premium wines at “Colors Of Georgia” baroque style grandiose event, which was held in the yard of one of the oldest wine factories in Telavi.

“Cultic is attributed to wines that are of higher quality than the premium wine. Baroque, in general, is a Portuguese words meaning a pearl. That is why we decided our main theme of the event to be Baroque. These wines are truly special and need to be drank at special occasions”, said Keti Kenkishvili, GWS Ambassador.

The event was attended by representatives of GWS foreign partners, diplomatic corps and trade chambers. One invited guest included the French Ambassador Pascal Menie. Members of the National Wine Association, Telavi Mayor, local municipality, government and business sector representatives, media and other officials attended the event. The wine business representatives from France, China, Ukraine and Russia were also invited to attend the event. GWS Executive Director Philippe Lespi hosted the guests.

“I think people are aware of the potential of Georgia in terms of wine production, and we wanted this line of wine to be totally unique. Today, we achieved everything. This line is a collection of best wines. We present GWS’s genuine treasure, three varieties of wine “Akura”, “Ardana” and “Vardisubani””, said Philippe Lepsi, GWS Executive Director.

 “I really like the atmosphere of the event and the new collection of wine and I’m always glad to come here and taste such delicious wine,” said the actress Eka Chkheidze.

In the open air, the guests gathered in “The Garden of Sweets” for the third consecutive year to be acquainted with GWS new wines. “The wine is delicious, I am glad that Georgian production is expanding, and I’m always supporting any company in this field and I will always support it,” said Goga Chanadir, a photographer at the GWS’s new wines.

Georgian traditional dancing group, Mariko Ebralidze and Levan Maspindzelashvili added a theatrical and colorful atmosphere with music to the mood of the event.

The invited guests enjoyed the new wine line of the company and the pleasant atmosphere. The event ended with fireworks.

In 2016, the company marked the 40th anniversary of the factory, where the brand “Vismino” was presented. The event also included tour and product tasting. Last year, guests visited “Bakhus Celebration” and tasted “Tamada’s Great Reserve and Kvevri”. The purpose of the event was to restore the tradition of making timber, wine, and pleasure enjoying it – make it alive and modern, and feel how they celebrated Bakhus centuries ago and how they celebrate it in the 21st century.

GWS is one of the oldest and well-known wine factories in Georgia, which was established in 1993 in Telavi and was created on “Telavi 2” base, the oldest wine factory dated to 1976. Nowadays, “GWS” owns 350 hectares of vineyards. Most of the vineyards are 15-25 years old. Of these, 280 are red grapes and the remaining 120 belong to white varieties. 70% of Georgian traditional grape varieties are produced, and 30% are international varities. The company produces wine, sparkling wine and high alcoholic products, known as Tamada, Old Tbilisi, Admanti, Vismino and Elibo. Soon, customers will be able to enjoy wine produced using biotechnology methods from the company’s vineyards.