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Georgian Mavino Wine Exports to Japan

Green from Manavi, wine made by Marina Kurtanidze, will be sold in new packing. The winemaker has carried out the product re-branding and the wine will appear in new label in September 2018. The appellation is being specified yet.

Marina Kurtanide plans to issue 1000 bottles from the 2017 vintage from biologically clean grapes. The volume will increase in 2018, she told BM.GE.

“I have been making wines since 2012 and selling them under the brand of Mandili. I have decided to carry out re-branding, which we was almost completed and we will introduce our product with new labels. We are considering several versions, including we can indicate Giraffe or Marina’s Green on the label.

As to the version of Giraffe, it will be composed of grape kernels. The idea of Giraffe was always in me, because this is a very efficient, strong, memorable and kind animal. Yet, we have not selected a final version”, Marina Kurtanidze said.

Mavino winemaking company owned by Marina Kurtanidze exports wines to England, France, USA, Spain and Denmark. Several days ago a Japanese importer visited her and made the first order.