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Artizani – Young Georgian Winemakers Sell Special Wines in Belgium

Artizani is a product created by 3 friends passionate for making natural wines. The product was introduced onto the market 2 years ago and it has already penetrated the Belgian market. The company plans to introduce the wine to Denmark and Finland too.

Our objective is to penetrate nontraditional markets, the company representatives said.

Salome Andrazashvili, one of the founders of Artizani company talks about the company foundation and development history for Business Course.

-When was the company founded and what sort of wines do you produce?

-Artizani was founded in 2015. Initially we started production of Saperavi dry wine, while in 2016 we also introduced Saperavi Rose wine. We use Saperavi grapes grown in Khashmi, the vineyards of Karabulakhi.

-Does the company have its own vineyards or purchase grapes?

-The idea of creating Artizani was based on our philosophy – discovery of such unique microzones, which would ideally outline properties of grape varieties. Moreover, it is also our objective to add new varieties every year, experimental sorts of wines. Therefore, our visions and plans do not imply to own vineyards.

-Who are the company founders and why have you decided to work in this field?

Artizani was created by 3 persons interested in natural wines. The interest in natural wines grows year to year worldwide and Georgian winemaking has huge potential in this respect thanks to a multiple domestic varieties and unique properties. Our objective was to use such winemaking process that would enable to introduce Georgian wine culture to various countries of the world.

_We know that you sell the product in Belgium. How have you managed to enter Belgian market? Where specifically is your product sold in Belgium?

_One of our winemakers lives in Belgium and this factor enabled us to organize tasting of Artizani wines in Brussels. After this we received several direct orders to supply wines for various events. Since wine transportation to western Europe requires serious financial resources, We cannot ensure monthly supply of Artizani wines. However, in 2018 we plan to export Rose wines to Denmark and Finland.

-What are your plans and do you plan to further diversify markets?

-We plan to expand output year to year. We make focus on adding new varieties, discovering new microzones and making winemaking experiments. As to exports, we have small production volume and our target segment consists of people passionate for natural wines Therefore, mainly BENELUX countries, USA, Great Britain and other European countries are considered as key exports markets.