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American Sommeliers Visit Georgia for Wine Tasting

American sommeliers and importers team visited Georgia for five days. They will visit 18 wine-producer companies within the visit and try Georgian wines, learn about Georgian wine history and culture, as well as local cuisine.

The Head of The National Wine Agency contractor- American company “TastingWorks”, the famous wine master, Lisa Granik leads the team: Aimee Suzanne Lasseigne New,  Andrea Edith Morris, David Vincent Foss, Edward Anthony Morello, LiLy Echo Peachin and  Jefrrey W Harding.

Within the tour organized by the National Wine Agency, American professionals will be able to taste the following wines: Alapiani, Batono, Giuaani, Orgo/Teleda, Mosmieri, Satsnakheli, Shalauri, Maranuli, Papris Valley, Our Wine, Meghvineoba Nika, Kakha Berishvili’s Wine, Winery Daniel, Naotrebi, Iago’s Wine, Chateau Mukhrani, Lagvinari and Gotsa’s Wines.

Many of the wine professionals have visited Georgia in the recent years, and in various cities of the USA tasting and presentations of Georgian wine were held organized by Liza Granik.

Liza Granik marks, that the quality of Georgian wine is getting more sophisticated; And such tours are helpful to Georgian wine to become more popular in USA, resulting growth of exports and wine tourism development in Georgia.

USA is potentially growing and important export market. With the invitation of wine professionals in Georgia, the National Wine Agency promotes the growth of Georgian wine awareness and competitiveness on the US market, which has already been reflected on export data – in the 7 months of the current year the US exported 236 thousand bottles (0,75 l) Wine, which is 89% more than last year’s analog indicator.