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American Master of Wine Liza Granik Is Writing A book on Georgian Wine

American  master of wine Lisa Granik is writing  a book about  the history , culture and potential of Georgian winemaking and viticulture. The famous wine professional is in Georgia for over a month and she is visiting family cellars and wine companies in different parts of the country.

During her  visit, Lisa Granik has been in  Kakheti, Imereti, Guria, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kartli, she also visited the Viticulture Faculty of Agrarian University and vineyards of  experimental base of the Scientific Research Center of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, Jigaura.

Along  with other parts of Georgia, Lisa Granik visited Shida Kartli, in particular Ateni ravine, has been in  several family cellars and tasted local wines “Tavkveri”, “Atenuri”, “Chinuri”, “Goruli Mtsvane” and etc.

According to Lisa Granik, in order to spread more information about the greatest potential of Georgian winemaking in the world, it is necessary to prepare a lot of English-language paperwork  and publish them  as a book.

“I have been coming here over the past many  years and more extensively  over the past number of  months, because I want to write a reference book on Georgian wine, which reflects the characteristics of each Georgian wine, based on geological and historical backgrounds. I know that Georgia is now trying to understand where their   history is, and I don’t mean the history of past hundred years,   but I mean thousands of years, in terms of geological history,  culture and wine-making traditions, ” – stated she.

Within the framework of cooperation with the National Wine Agency (Tastingwork Company), in the recent years Lisa Granik organized a number of visits in Georgia for wine professionals. Also  presentation  and tasting of Georgian wine was held in the  cities of the US.