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11 Georgian Wines Won Highest Awards At The International Competition In Poland

11 Georgian wines won highest awards – Trophies and Gold Medals  at the international wine competition “GALICJA VITIS” held in Krakow, Poland.

With the support of the National Wine Agency, 18 different  Georgian wines of 5 Georgian  wine producer companies  were presented at the competition.  The highest awards were won by the following wines:

Trophy (Grand Gold)
Kakhetian Noble, Red, 2013 – “Badagoni”
Alaverdi Traditional, Red, 2013 – “Badagoni”
Saperavi Reserve, 2010, – “Badagoni”
Kakhetian Noble, White, 2014, – “Badagoni”
Saperavi 2016 – “Vaziani Company”
Mtsvane 2016 – “Vaziani Company”
Kisi 2016 – “Vaziani Company”
Saperavi 2017 – “Asadeli”
Rkatsiteli Qvevri, 2017 – “Asadeli”
Tsinandali 2016 – “Tsinandali Old Cellar”
Saperavi 2016 – “Tsinandali Old Cellar”

The competition is held under the auspices of international wine organization OIV.  Deputy Head of Marketing and PR Department of National Wine Agency Tamta Kvelaidze was in the jury of the competition. According to her, “GALICJA VITIS” competition is considered as one of the prestigious and great event in Poland.

“With National Wine Agency support, Georgian wine producer  companies had the opportunity to participate in this prestigious competition for the second time. 11 wines from the 18 Georgian wines presented at the competition won the highest awards, that is  very important for the growth of Georgian wine publicity in Poland. This country has steadily established in the five of Georgian wine exporter countries in the recent years and this victory will be another step forward  the  Georgian wine export growth to Poland” – stated Tamta Kvelaidze.

Totally, about 400 wines from 10 countries were presented at the competition.

Organizer of the competition is viticulture and winemaking development fund GALICJA VITIS . In 2016, National Wine Agency and GALICJA VITIS signed memorandum of cooperation.