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Most Popular Travel Destinations in Ajara

Number of visitors has increased in Ajara. In January-August 2017, the administrative border of the region was crossed by 1 021 996 foreign visitors, including more than 0.5 million tourists arrived in summer season, up 25% year on year.

According to Ajara Tourism and Resorts Department, number of visitors to popular tourism destinations has increased, especially, to Batumi Botanical Garden. A total of 160 259 tourists visited the Botanical Garden in June-August, up 30% year on year, including73 523 tourists in August. In whole, in January-August 198 259 tourists visited Batumi Botanical Garden, up 35% year on year.

Batumi Dolphinarium is recorded among favorite destinations. In summer period 143 885 tourists visited the place, up 14% year on year, including 71 853 visitors in August. In whole, 158 894 tourists visited the Batumi Dolphinarium in January-August period.

It should be noted that the show of dolphins was held three times a day in June-August period. The statistics do not include children, persons with disabilities and those wishing to swim together with dolphins.

Inflow of visitors to Apsaros Fortress in Gonio also increased by 22% year on year. Namely, 49 886 tourists visited the Fortress in June-august period. At the same time, 59 073 persons visited the place in January-August period, up 16% year on year.

Batumi cable way is also recorded among tourists favorite places. A total of 190 343 tourists visited the cable way in June-August, up 19% year on year, while the number of visitors constituted 214 602 persons in January-August period (+12%).

A total of 28 047 visitors (+20%) visited Mtirala National Park in summer 2017. The number of visitors constituted 35 571 ones in January-August period, up 31%.