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Passenger Flow Increased at Batumi International Airport

In June Passenger Flow at Batumi International Airport increased by 59% (60912) in comparison with the same period of 2016.

”TAV Georgia” is a subsidiary company of ”TAV Airports Holding” established in 2005, by agreement validly till 2027.

As a result of 180m USD worth investment in Georgia new passenger terminals were exploited at Tbilisi and Batumi airports in 2007.

“TAV Airports Holding“ has Many years of experience in the operation of airports,has implemented multi-million investments in various countries and additionally prudent management contributed in ”TAV Georgia”s development as a stable and dynamic company.

Nowadays,”TAV Airports Holding” and its partner company “Aeroports de Paris The Group “operates around 37 airports worldwide and serves More than 200 million passengers. Among them are: Istanbul Airport, Ataturk Airport, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Zagreb Airport, Skopje Airport, Medina and etc.

Furthermore, both companies’ promotions are in free public stock on Paris and Istanbul stocks exchanges.