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Number of Tourists Increases in Batumi

In summer number of tourists increased in Batumi, especially from neighboring countries. According to locals, the resort is visited by the largest number of tourists from Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Emirates.

At this time almost all hotels in Batumi are overloaded, the flow does not stop and in parallel to the summer’s active phase, the demand is expected to increase.

Throughout the year, an active marketing campaign, especially for international media platforms, has become interesting and attractive for tourists of European countries as well. Most of them are from Poland, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

According to the head of the Tourism Department, Batumi Airport has increased flight frequencies for foreign visitors, including Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Besides, the number of beds for tourists has grown by 536, so that the seaside resort is ready to get an unprecedented number of tourists.