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Mitarbi to Become Car-Free Winter Resort

The Kokhta-Mitarbi resort project in Bakuriani is located near Kokhta-Gora and entails construction and development of a four-season resort that complies with international standards.

A memorandum was signed between the Georgian Reconstruction and Development Company and the government back in 2015. The aim of the agreement was for the private company to build hotels and apartment complexes, and the government to construct the new ski piste infrastructure. Kokhta-Mitarbi Project will be implemented in a number of phases.

Currently, construction of the Rooms Hotel near Kokhta-Gora is underway, which will receive its first guests in the spring of 2019. The hotel and apartment complexes will be built based on the concept of ski in and ski out, which means integrating apartments and hotels in the vicinity of the ski pistes.

As the head of Georgian Reconstruction and Development company Levan Karalashvili explained to bm.ge, the contract between them and the government involves 100 million GEL investment in Bakuriani and Kokhta-Mitarbi.
”This is a 10-year long project, which will start in Kokhta and continue in Mitarbi. We will build hotels, apartment hotels, residencies, and cottages. The first big step is the cooperation with Adjara Group. We wanted to establish Georgian brand hotels in Bakuriani and stimulate the development of local tourism. The government invested in lifts. Ski lifts and gondolas were constructed in Kokhta-Mitarbi.

We will continue the development part. In 2023, as soon as the first phase of the resort development will be completed, Bakuriani and Mitarbi will host the world championship in the so-called Free Style” – explains Levan Karalashvili. According to him, upon the completion of the first phase, 50 million GEL investment will have been made just by the private sector. And 50 million GEL will be invested by the government. “The second phase of the development will be in Mitarbi, where car-free resort will be constructed, examples of which can be found in France, Switzerland. This will be a travel card for tourists that love mountain resorts and taking a holiday in the mountains. The second phase will begin in 2023 and will be completed within 5 years.” – explains the head of the Georgian Reconstruction and Development company.