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Man Guides Paris Tours in Georgian

Gari Sapariani – a national licensed guide of Republic of France, translator and conferencier is an only Georgian-language guide in France.

He speaks 7 languages and arranges visits to Louvre, Orsay, Marmottan and other state and private museums, Paris Opera and royal palaces and castles of France. He moved to Paris about 10 years ago to upgrade knowledge and skills in old progression. Despite success he had to change the field of occupation: 

Marketer interview 

– You are a valuable national guide of France. Would you specify your occupation details? 

-Yes, I am a national guide of France, that is I have graduated from the Tenth University of France, namely its guides training faculty. Speaking many languages does not suffice to become a guide. Sophisticated program implies a reasonable application of these languages. I have passed a very complicated program. There were the feelings of happiness, success and the sense of responsibility, stress. Based on graduated exam results (7 obligatory exams in my case), I took a diploma and a professional card that is issued by only Ministry of Tourism and Culture of France.

This card stores a full information about a guide. I conduct visits to Louvre, Orsay, Marmottan, Pompidou and Cluny and other state and private museums, as well as to Paris Opera and royal palaces and castles of France.

 You are the only Georgian-language guide in France…

– I am very proud of this fact. I guide my compatriots in my native Language. And there is no higher feeling of pride for me as a professional, while this moment causes very pleasant reactions in tourists. I introduce foreign culture and historical content to them in Georgian.

Do you have professional contacts with Georgia or do you plan to continue career in other countries? 

-This issue is arranged very well in other countries. I provide guide services only in France. I also act as an assistant, but rarely. I make orientation on Georgia entirely. My plans: This year, for the first time, I took French tourists to Georgia and they showed much interest and excitement. I have guided them and I have tried to show best aspects of our homeland. I would say without exaggeration that Georgia possesses huge cultural heritage resources and their reasonable application will bring much success and recgonition to our country. Therefore, I plan to bring new groups to Georgia to make contribution to economic development and popularization of our country.