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Lagodekhi to Host International Blues Festival

The International Blues Festival is being held in Georgia for the second time. The organizers of the festival have chosen a territory adjacent to the Lagodekhi Nature Reserve a year ago, which will contribute to the promotion of Kakheti and its tourism potential.

Conducting a traditional blues festival in Lagodekhi, near the reserve, is a good way to attract tourist flows, it will significantly improve the region’s economy and increase its awareness on European tourism map. 
The festival will be held between June 23 and August 18, consists of 14 concerts. Blues Festival participants are from 8 countries: Georgia, USA, France, England, Israel, Canada, Netherlands and Russia. 
The aim of the festival is to make Georgia’s blues society an integral part of the world blues and develop it as an integral part of it.  The idea of ​​holding an international blues festival in Lagodekhi is an ambitious and positive project that can bring many social benefits to the region.
The first festival was held in Lagodekhi Nature Reserve in the summer of 2017. This year will be visited by Blues stars such as Sharon Lewis, Charlotton, Jesse Smith, Keny Wayne and others.