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The Income from International Tourism Exceeded 2 Billion USD

The head of Tourism National Administration of Georgian Ministry of Economy, Giorgi Chigovadze presented the summary of 2016 to private tourism sector and media. Chigovadze talked in details about the projects Tourism National Administration implemented in 2016.

“We estimate 2016 as a successful year and first of all,it is proved by official statistics. This year Georgia had two crucial achievements. The amount of tourists exceeded 6 million and the international income from tourism amounted to 2 billion USD” -declared the heard of Tourism National Administration.

“During the year, Tourism National Administration fulfilled many activities which were focused on attracting more tourists. There was active summer and winter marketing campaigns in different countries in the world. Apart of that, Tourism administration invited up to 6000 representatives of International Media who prepared documentary movies, articles, television broadcast and blogs about the country which promoted awareness about Georgian and raise its touristic potential.

As for projects and conferences, Georgia hosted the first international wine festival in 2016 which was organized by World Tourism Organization. 250 visitors attended the conference. The general secretary of World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai also attended the conference.