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Gamarjoba – Georgian Version of TripAdvisor for Foreign Visitors

Georgian version of TripAdvisor has been developed for foreign visitors. Mobile application called as Gamarjoba (HELLO) appeared in Internet space in the second half of June with the aim to provide comprehensive information to foreign citizens about urgent contacts and necessary services in Georgia.

The Fortuna has interviewed Marika Chumburidze, the project director, about the Georgian version of TripAdvisor.

“Visitors from the USA are very active, from where a great number of downloads are recorded. The growing interest is recorded from Asian and European countries too. As to application, it is adapted to foreign visitors and provides such information as state services, transport, hotels, urgent medical assistance, visas (application gives information whether Georgian visa is required for visiting the country from this or that country) and so on”, Chumburidze said.

The application also comprises information about medical facilities. Users are able to call to the 112 service and apply online chat service, indicate the country of their origin and find compatriots who have passed registration, she said.

“The growing interest of companies also prove that our application becomes popular. Hotels, food and various facilities ask us to place information about them in our application. At this stage, we are specifying criteria. Currently, we place information free of charge. Therefore, we set verious requirements that should be satisfied by companies to get into Gamarjoba application”, the project director noted.