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Forbes: Georgia, Where Cheese Pizza Is The National Dish

Forbes writes article about Georgian cuisine and tells readers to imagine a country where the national dish you’re implored to eat, time and again, is essentially the best cheese pizza they’ve ever tasted.

“Incredibly, the enormous pies are not even the main dish at a meal, but actually an accompaniment, the mother of all side dishes. A Georgian feast called a supra will feature at least 20 plates of food on the table when you sit down, even before the khachapuri arrives – always hot, always straight from the clay oven. Then it’s on to the entrees, usually skewered lamb, pork or chicken, grilled slowly over charcoal and marinated in heady local herbs and spices,” article reads.

The beauty of this admittedly calorific sensation is that no two are the same. There are countless cheeses made across the fertile Georgian countryside, all of which can be used in kachapuri either solo or, more often, in combination. Like apple pie in the U.S., every home has their own recipe and special take on it. Read the whole article HERE.