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Black Lake – New Tourism Destination in Highland Ajara

Black Lake, a new tourism destination, will receive visitors in Highland Ajara starting 2018. The late is located at Goderdzi Pass, near the Green Lake.

Tourism Products Development Agency of Ajara plans to carry out a marking of the Lake and include it into the tourism route in 2018. Before, the agency representatives introduced the new tourism destination to guides, travel agencies and media representatives.

“Black Lake is located in 11.5 km from Goderdzi Pass, 1900 meters above the sea level. The Lake is surrounded by Alpine forests and marshland algae. The lake is located within woodland and motorway approach does not exist. It is one of the coziest places for picnic, camping and adventure. 

We plan to examine the Lake jointly with Ministry of Environment and then carry out its marking. As a result, Ajara visitors will be able to see one more beautiful place in the region”, Tinatin Zoidze, director of Ajara Tourism Products Development Agency, noted. 

Participants of the info-tour saw Khulo, Danisparauli, Green Lake, Goderdzi and Beshumi resorts. They also attended Shuamtoba fest and laying a foundation of four hotels at Goderdzi resort.