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BBC RADIO has Prepared 2 Programs about Georgian Dishes and Wine

BBC RADIO has prepared 2 programs about Georgian dishes and wine. Food Programme journalist Dan Saladino traveled to different regions of Georgia and tasted local dishes and wine.

BBC has been broadcasting Food Programme for thirty years and has over two million followers weekly.

BBC journalist tells about American writer Carla Capalbo’s book “Tasting Georgia”:

”Carla Capalbo traveled in Caucasus, tried Georgian cuisine, attended traditional feist. Georgia, which is roughly the size of Scotland, is between Russia and Turkey. This is the oldest, richest country with special dishes and wine culture. Georgia has been a battlefield for centuries for the Persian, Turkish and Russian empires on the Silk Road. Despite the difficult past and conflicts, the culture of the Georgian table was able to establish itself. ”

FOOD PROGRAMME prepared 2 half-hour programs about Georgia. The second part of the program is about Georgian dishes. The author of the program describes the rules of preparation of Georgian dishes in details.

BBC journalist visited Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kakheti and Imereti when traveling in Georgia. Dan Saladino met local winemakers and singers. Saladino arrived by the invitation of  the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the National Tourism Administration.