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Microsoft Unveils New Cloud Strategy Technology in Georgia

Microsoft to Introduce New Strategy of Cloud Technology at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi on March 23. 

Nikoloz Doborjginidze, director general for Microsoft Georgia, will talk about advantages and opportunities of Cloud technology, digital transformation in business and its values, necessity of use of digital platform, Microsoft assistance package for business field and companies, which plan to digitalize operations, benefits of consumers from digital transformation and other important issues. Moreover, Nikoloz Doborjginidze will also hold discussions over the 4th technological revolution with representatives of media agencies.

Cloud is the core of business digital transformation and Microsoft strategy and growth. Digital transformation enables organizations in various fields to create values.

Companies, members of Fortune 500, spent 20 years to create a value of millions of USD. And today digital startups need only 3-4 years, sometimes even 2 years. At the same time,  digitalization process will bring much benefit to the society and promote environment protection steadiness, create new job places and upgrade safety level of our  life.

Cloud technology enables business fields to make breakthrough in development. Cloud service is established all over the world at high paces. Almost in all business organizations, Cloud changes working style, place and business doing rules.

Modern IT companies play a considerable role in determining business strategy by use of Cloud technology. Azure offers easily adaptable Cloud and it is excellent for both big companies like  GE Healthcare and NBC News, and startups.