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Giorgi and Demetre Kachkachishvili

Invention of 14-Year-Old Twin Brothers to Protect You from Gas Leakage, Conflagration and Air Pollution

Twin 14-year-old brothers Giorgi and Demetre Kachkachishvilis, have distinguished themselves as little inventors. Their air cleaning system ACS (Air Cleaning System) detects the level of gas, dust, steam and temperature in the air. If the existing indicators exceed the norm, respective absorption and purification system turns on immediately and the owner receives message on phone about the information on the specific place.

The twins go to 9th class of 1st experimental school. They also learn at UG-Limes Robotics and Electronics. For two years they have also studied at Komarov Physics-Mathematics school. The twins demonstrated special interest towards technical sciences. They plan to continue studies in this direction. Recently, their invention gained victory at the republican tournament of international Olympiad of young scientists and investors. The Ambebi.GE has taken interviews from Giorgi and Demetre Kachkachishvilis to receive detailed information on the technological potential of the project:

“The main objective of our system is to detect natural gas leakage in any facility and take corresponding measures, namely to clean the polluted air, turn on alarming system, switch off natural gas supply source and send SMS notification  to cellular phone about the existing problems. The system may be applied in residential buildings, storehouses and all other places, where situation should be controlled”, Giorgi noted.

The prototype of the system has been already created and tested. The twins have spent 85 USD on its assemblage. Jointly with specialist Guram Chaganava, the twins plan to refine and improve the system. A display will be installed on the system with menu.

The instrument will be able to determine the level of pollution. The twins plan to take a patent for their invention.

This type of instrument is able to determine the level of dust, steam and smoke in the air. But in this specific case it only turns on air pollution detection system.

With the air cleaning project Giorgi and Demetre Kachkachishvilis reached the final stage of the Millennium Innovation Competition, but failed to take any of three prize places because of high competition.

The 9th form pupils think that similar contests induce pupils and enables young people to maximally demonstrate their capabilities.