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Internet Exchange Center to Launch Operation in Georgia

Internet provider companies plan to sign a memorandum on establishing the Internet exchange center.

On September 28, at 12 o’clock at Courtyard Marriott hotel (the first hall),  a document will be signed, under which various Internet providers will join the process of formation and functioning of the mentioned center.

The Internet exchange point is the place, where various networks meet to exchange local traffic.

Internet exchange (IX) is necessary for creating strong information and communication technological network and Internet. In terms of public policy, existence of Local IX will become more priority direction and it will provide equal access to  services, boost competitive potential and ensure qualitative enhancement.

The Internet exchange center will improve the Internet quality and market penetration barriers will be minimized. IX will foster cheapening Internet services and creating competitive environment. The Georgian market will become more attractive for investors.

The Internet Exchange Center will be established by initiative and organization of NewTelCo Georgia and LEPL Small and Medium Telecommunication Operators of Georgia.

NewTelCo Georgia is a neutral collocation center, official representative of German NewTelco GmbH in Georgia, that was founded by support of Danish IFU and Data-center Holding in 2012.

Newtelco GmbH – international operator of collocation and data center with 10-year experience on telecommunications market  http://newtelco.de/.