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Platform to Simplify Working Process and Save Time

Platform.ge is an innovative platform for Georgia market sponsored by ‘’Startup Georgia’’. The main purpose of the website is to create online co-working space, which helps to manage human resources and time efficiently.

There are some websites worldwide with the same goal to simplify business process; over time, there was a need to create functionally analogue program available in Georgian language that also would be simple and affordable. It will unite all the information and replace other programs, giving small business opportunity to analyze process actively.

‘’It doesn’t matter what your position is for the company. Platform is useful for founder, manager, as well as staff member. One can see the complete working process, control tasks and have constant monitoring. Calendar function is helpful to track appointments, communications and results. Additionally, saving contacts in one space saves our time.’’- Said the director and co-founder of platform.ge- Taso Solomnishvili.

Platform is on the final stage of development; it’s in test mode and soon will be available on the market.