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Saperavi Finds a Home in Central Pennsylvania


Fero Vineyards and Winery in Lewisburg specialize in European grape varieties. One that has found a home is Saperavi, the most common black grape from the country Georgia. Chuck and Daneen Zaleski, owners, sourced Saperavi vines from the descendants of Dr. Konstantin Frank. Years prior to coming to the United …

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Taste of Eastern Georgia: What Goes With Wine?

Harvest time, which is called Rtveli in Georgian, is approaching. It means, it is also time to plan an autumn trip to here. In order to make you hungry for impressions, we gonna tell you something about Eastern Georgian cuisine, while wine needs extra attention and much more that one article. …

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Three Georgian Wine Centers have Opened in China

While Georgian wine is found on many London and New York wine lists, it was virtually unknown for Asia, but recentrly three Georgian wine centers have opened in China’s Xinjiang province. One of the largest importers of Georgian wine to China, Xinjiang Beifangjianda Trade Co, was responsible for opening the Georgian …

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The Independent Names Two Georgian Wines Among Best Orange Wines

The Independent, has named two Georgian wines among The 13 best orange wines. First place has been taken by Tbilvino Qvevri 2011 for £9, and tenth by Ramaz Nikoladze’s Tsolikouri of 2013, costing £21. The newspaper provides readers with a brief information about the Georgian Qvevri winemaking technology and several local wine …

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Wines from Abkhazia Replaced Georgian in Russia

Due to the devaluation of the ruble in the first half wine imports from the European Union fell sharply: not everyone can afford the product at  new prices. Because of this, a supplier from Abkhazia Mistral Alco became a leader among importers for the first time. As per  the data …

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Kakheti: Georgia’s cradle of wine – Euronews


Kakheti is Georgia’s main wine-producing region in the country’s east. Wine grapes have been cultivated in these lands for 8,000 years, which, archaeologists say, makes Kakheti the cradle of wine. A total of 104 endemic varieties of grapes grow at the Alaverdi Monastery of Saint George, which traces its history …

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What Your Favorite Wine Says About You


Find out what your favorite wine says about your personality. Although, to be fair, as long as you’re drinking wine, there is already something very correct about you. If you love Malbec… You have a box full of adult toys and you like to dip your pizza crust in ranch. …

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