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Georgia Earned 2,7 Billion USD from Tourism

Last year Georgia received revenues of 2.7 billion USD from tourism. In December, income reached 186 million dollars, it is an increase of 33 million dollars over the same period last year. During the year, Georgia received the most income from tourism in August, that reached 395 million USD. Compared …

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Almost 1.7 million Tourists from Azerbaijan Visit Georgia

Head of Georgia’s National Tourism Administration Giorgi Chogovadze has said that 1,694,998 tourists from Azerbaijan visited Georgia in 2017, Georgia Online news portal reported. An increase of 11.2 percent was observed in the number of tourists coming to Georgia from Azerbaijan, according to the report. Azerbaijan is followed by Russia …

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Today Tourism Sector is Gaining a Momentum


Government of Georgia is actively involved in the sector development and promotes an implementation of various projects. 2017 was fruitful year for Georgia’s tourism sector. A record number of tourists arrived in the country and the sector earned unprecedented revenues. In 2018 National Tourism Administration plans to intensify efforts to …

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Tamar Kaikatsishvili: Educated and Qualified Staff is Required for Improving Tourism Sector Service Quality

Tamuna kai

Adjara Government continues working on developing services in the Region. Adjara Tourism Department has clearly outlined existing problems and challenges in services. The department plans to remove the current problems through advancing the education level. Tamar Kaikatsishvili, head of Tourism Department office for service development, talks about current situation in …

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Georgia to Spend 16.3 million GEL on Advertising Campaigns about Georgia

In 2018 Georgia will spend about 16.309 million GEL on advertising campaigns about Georgia. According to National Tourism Administration, winter and summer advertising campaigns will be held in the following countries: Persian Gulf countries, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Armenia, Baltic countries. Moreover, the …

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Mamuka Bakhtadze: Revenue from tourism has doubled in the last 5 years

Minister of Finance Mamuka Bakhtadze emphesized the revenue received from tourism during his presentation of the 2018 state budget. In recent years, tourism has become one of the most important driving force in the Georgian economy and has become the key component of the current account expenditure, the revenues from …

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Winners Revealed: Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards

On December 6th, 2017 the Third Official Ceremony of the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards was held at the Rustaveli Theatre, where traditionally 21 BEST companies among the different nominations were named. The Best Boutique Accommodation Award – Boutique Hotel Kabadoni The Best Standard Accommodation Award – Iveria Inn …

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Georgia Grows into Regional Tourism Center

Summer tourism season has come to a close. Both government and field experts expected the sector to bring considerable revenues and this is not surprising if we analyze the statistics of the past years: the sector keeps growing year to year. To be precise, 5 901 094 visitors arrived in …

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