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Number of International Visitors to Exceed 6 million in 2016

This year number of international visitors will exceed 6 million persons, for the first time, and revenues from tourism sector will hit 2 billion USD, Giorgi Chogovadze, head of national tourism agency, told BusinessContract. Active campaign is underway for winter tourism season, namely, television marketing campaigns proceed in 4 countries. …

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62 000 Visitors See Martvili Canyon in 4 Months

Martvili canyon-1

In four months more than 62 000 visitors saw Martvili Cnyon, including foreign visitors’ ratio exceeded 50%, Zaza Gagua, head of Martvili and Okatse Canyons told BusinessContract. Number of foreign visitors exceeded 33 000 persons, including a major part of them arrived from Russia. Ukraini ranks second, Poland is third …

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Direct Flights Between Georgia and India will Promote Tourism

Indian Civil Aviation Minister Gajapat Raju had a meeting with Vice Prime Minister, Dimitri Kusrashvili in the frame of business visit in Georgia. They discussed Georgian-Indian economical collaboration issues in trade, transportation, investments, tourism, information technologies and etc. Prime Minister positively evaluated Georgian-Indian trade-economic relations and noted that there is …

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Georgian Wine Exports and Russia’s Economic Leverage

Two and a half months prior to parliamentary elections in Georgia, on July 21, 2016, Russia’s State Duma recommended the government to once again ban imports of Georgian wines and mineral waters. Introducing embargos on Georgian wines and mineral waters is a proven tool of the Kremlin’s foreign policy towards …

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Revenues from International Tourism Sector to Exceed 2 billion USD

The number of Tourists in Georgia Increased by 15% in June 2016

We expect international tourism sector revenues to exceed 2 billion USD in 2016, National Tourism Administration head Giorgi Chogovadze told PalitraNews. In 2015 revenues from international tourism made up 940 million USD and this year the country will receive record revenues, Chogovadze said. “This year we will improve 2 key …

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Georgia’s “Seasonal Curse”: Andrei Maximov


There are quite many countries around the world that had a tremendously “bad luck”: their territory holds large deposits of some natural resources inside their borders (be it oil, gas, diamonds, non-ferrous or precious metals). These unlucky countries are plagued by the so called “resource curse” or “paradox of plenty”. …

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The number of Tourists in Achara Increased by 11,34%

According to the 8 months statistics in 2016, the number of tourists in Achara rose by 11,34%, which amounted 227,342 tourists in the region.  The statistics are based on the information that has been revealed by Tourism Department in Achara. The amount of visitors has increased as well. According to …

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Khachapuri Index, Exchange Rate Dynamics and International Tourism

Khachapuri Index

One glance at the ₾Khachapuri Index chart (for locals) tells the whole story of Georgian agriculture. Left to fend for themselves during the cold winter months, Georgian cows produce very little milk, sending dairy prices through the roof. Conversely, milk production peaks with the arrival of sunny weather and green …

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Practical Guide to Wine Tourism in the Georgia: UNWTO Lessons

Practical Guide to Wine Tourism in the Republic of Georgia: UNWTO Lessons

Sue and I  recently returned from the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) first Global Conference on Wine Tourism in Tbilisi, Georgia and we are still processing the experience. One interesting feature of the conference is that the sessions weren’t confined to the usual convention center or hotel ballroom locations. …

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Tourism Development Fund: $680 million Investment and 8 Large-Scale Projects

Georgian Co-Investment Fund is to establish Tourism Development Fund of Georgia with a purpose of investing 680 million USD and administering 8 large-scale projects in Tbilisi, Guria, Ajara and Samegrelo. Fund aims at developing tourism infrastructure in the regions of Georgia where tourism industry had previously been overlooked.   “The …

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