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Gamoiwere.ge -Open your Online Shop


Gamoiwere.ge appeared in the Internet in January, 2017. The idea of the shop is to unite different products on the same platform. Any company or new business can register on the website and open their virtual shop. The founder of the website, Lasha Grdzelidze started working on the concept for the …

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Innovative Startup Kvlevebi.ge- New Platform to Conduct Research


Recently, the first online research platform kvlevebi.ge has been created. For ones who need to conduct research, it is a cheap and simple mechanism to use, whereas for research respondents, it is a real possibility to earn money. Respondents earn certain amount of money participating in the research questionnaire. They can participate …

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Mind Map -A New Concept for Keeping a Notebook


Few months ago, new startup of notebooks, Mind Map appeared on the market.  The idea of startup is to help people manage their time and making decisions. There is space for ideas, aims, wishes, music schedule, interests and etc. in the notebook. Three friends: Nina Gomarteli, Tako Lekiashvili and Ani …

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Agate Organic Cosmetics – Joint Startup of Two Georgian Students


On the 15th of January, 2017 new cosmetics producer Georgian brand Agate was launched. The brand was founded by two students from GAU Business Administration Faculty, Nini Resulidze and Mariam Ghlonti. Marketer conducted an interview with one of the founders, Nini Resulidze who talked about the development strategies and advantages of the brand. How …

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Loladze Family Winery Success Story


Loladze Family Winery was established in 2012 by 16-year-old Erekle Loladze in Tbilisi. He produced 100 bottles of different kinds of wine in the beginning and participated in Tbilisi Wine Festival in 2013. Few shops offered to sell the wine and nowadays, there is a far wider network of shops as …

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Buyers.ge -Online Space of All Products on Georgian Market


Buyers is an idea, which unites young and creative people who created an unique online shop to sell all kinds of Georgian products. The aim of the creators of buyers is to establish new movement which enables small and larger enterpriser to advertise and sell their products not only at the …

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Blueberry Plantations Established in Guria under Joint Agro Project


Blueberry plantations were established in Guria region by LLC “Iuvis Beri” as a part of the project “Plant the Future”. Levan Dolidze, project manager of Agriculture Projects Management Agency and Guria governor, Gia Salukvadze, together with representatives of local government visited the plantation which is established on 7.2 hectares of …

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G.ber – Young Georgian Painter Turned Art into Clothes


G.ber is a startup with a new concept,which provides practical use and availability of the paintings by Giorgi Beriashvili.. His paintings are printed on the different fabric: t-shirts, dresses and etc. G.ber was founded by Giorgi Beriashvili, Tako Beriashvili and Achi Odzelashvili. The brand manager and designer, Tako beriashvili talked with …

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Wooden Workshop – From Christmas Decorations to Interior Projects


Company Wooden was founded 3 years ago by three friends: Rati Bakradze, Sandro Svanidze and Elene Gogichaishvili. The company made Christmas decorations in the beginning but later started making furniture and interior design. One of the founders of wooden company, Rati Bakradze talks about more details with Marketer. How did you start …

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Mars Design – Uniquely Designed Stickers from Mars


In 2017, new stickers will fly from Mars to Social Media. Cartoon characters speaking in Georgian and funny metaphorical games are the characteristics of Mars Design. The pictures for startup are created by Ani Japaridze who noted that she decided to start this work due to her passion for cartoons. What …

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