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Georgian National Museum to Exhibit Zurab Nizharadze’s Artworks

Georgian National Museum presents Zurab Nizharadze’s retrospective exhibition “Zurab Nizharadze 90” at D. Shevardnadze National Gallery. The exposition will display paintings and graphic works from collections of GNM Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine arts and GNM Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery, as well as from the private collections. The exhibition aims …

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Georgian National Museum Presents Exhibition – Ask for it Anywhere

Georgian National Museum presents the exhibition “Ask for it anywhere” at Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery. “Laghidze Waters” is the symbol of Tbilisi and an example of Georgian intangible cultural heritage. The author of these unique soft drinks is the renowned scientist, public figure, and philanthropist Mitropane Laghidze. In 1906, following …

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Roe At A Stream: Exhibited in Tbilisi

On September 27, 2016 Fund “Cartu” donated Niko Pirosmanashvili’s “Roe at a Stream” to Georgian National Museum. “Roe at a Stream” was preserved in Tsitsishvili-Gedevanishvili family from 1949 until 2011. It was never exhibited to the public before. In 2011, the artwork left Georgia and was sold at Sotheby’s auction. …

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New Discoveries – Georgian Archaeology

New Discoveries - Georgian Archaeology

Georgian National Museum Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia invites you to the exhibition “New Discoveries – Georgian Archaeology”. The exhibition will be held in the frame of the international conference On Salt, Copper, and Gold: The Origins of Early Mining and Metallurgy in the Caucasus”. The opening event will take …

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