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Georgian honey to Be Exported to Europe in 2016

Georgian Honey

Georgian honey has a high chance of making an impression in Europe and becoming Georgia’s leading exported products alongside wine, hazelnuts and blueberry. After today’s Government meeting Agriculture Minister Otar Danelia said from February 2016 Georgian honey will be exported to European countries. Georgian honey will have a special Georgian …

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Volume of Exports From Georgia to Turkey Decreases by 14%

Georgia-Turkey exports

The volume of export from Georgia to Turkey decreased by 14 percent (by $20.2 million) and amounted to more than $ 125 million – 5.7 percent of Georgia’s total exports in January-July 2015 compared to January-July 2014, the Georgian National Statistics Service said. In particular, semi-finished ironed items or non-alloy steel …

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Possible Russian Embargo will Have Little Impact on Georgia

Russian Embargo

Recently, Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that the Ministry had started discussing a proposal to impose embargos for several countries, one of which was Georgia. International development consulting company, PMCG publishes a report on the possible impact of Russian Embargo on Georgian Exports. In 2014, the breakdown of Georgian wine exports …

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Georgia reduces car export To Azerbaijan

Some 2,519 cars worth $45.97 million were exported from Georgia to Azerbaijan in January-July 2015 or 5.1 times less than in the same period of 2014, the Georgian National Statistics Service said in its foreign trade report as of January-July 2015. The share of this category of goods in the …

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Georgia Increased Agricultural Exports To US and EU

The amount of Georgian agricultural products exported to the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) is increasing, says the country’s Ministry of Agriculture. Georgia’s leading exports – wine and spirits, hazelnuts and mineral waters – are being enjoyed by more people in the EU and the US – …

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Georgia’s Exports Reach $1,269m in 7 Months

The first seven months of the year has seen the value of Georgia’s exports and imports (External Merchandise Trade) experience a slight downward trend year-on-year (y/y), claims the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat). From January-July 2015, Georgia’s External Merchandise Trade (excluding non-organised trade) amounted to $5,573 million USD, stated …

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Three Georgian Wine Centers have Opened in China

While Georgian wine is found on many London and New York wine lists, it was virtually unknown for Asia, but recentrly three Georgian wine centers have opened in China’s Xinjiang province. One of the largest importers of Georgian wine to China, Xinjiang Beifangjianda Trade Co, was responsible for opening the Georgian …

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Reuters: Georgia’s Economy Slows in H1 From Last Year

Despite the Stabilization of the Lari, Businessmen are not Going to Continue the Suspended Projects

International news agency Reuters publishes article, on behalf of Geostat‘s report and says Georgia’s economy slowed due to plunge in the Russian Ruble. Reuters also mentions declined exports, remittances and lowered country’s growth. Georgia’s economic growth slowed to 2.6 percent in the first half of this year compared with 6 …

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Turkey Current-Account Gap Widens More Than Estimated in May

Turkey’s current-account deficit widened more than estimated from a year earlier in May as Turkey’s trade gap grew. The shortfall in the current account, the broadest measure of trade in goods and services, rose to $3.99 billion from $3.65 billion a year earlier, the central bank in Ankara said in a …

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Export of American Cars to Azerbaijan Faces Problems

Problems began after Azerbaijan introduced the standard of fuel Euro-4 that automatically stopped exporting cars made before 2005. However, despite the fact that American cars comply with Euro-4 standard, they practically do not pass through the border. It comes to the cars of American brands manufactured in Japan after 2011 …

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Geostat: Georgia’s exports worth $503 million USD

The first part of the year has seen the value of Georgia’s exports and imports (External Merchandise Trade) experience a slight downward trend in comparison to 2014, claims Geostat. In January, February and March, Georgia’s External Merchandise Trade (excluding non-organised trade) amounted to $2.279 billion USD. This was a 10 …

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