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White Elephants on the Silk Road

The ruler of Siam (that is the king of ancient Thailand) could make, when falling into a bad mood, a “royal present” to his courtier: he would give him a white elephant which would ruin the unfortunate official due to the necessity of feeding the animal. It was not possible …

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Dualism Of the Economy

Author Dr. Andrei Maximov Georgia is a very small country with very big opportunities for business—this is what any newcomer will confirm who has had a successful entrepreneurial experience in another country. It would not matter, by the way, whether this person is an ethnic Georgian or came to Georgia …

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Old Tbilisi Walking Tour of Architecture and Hidden Treasures

Old Tbilisi

When I told the only other person I know who has traveled to Georgia that we were heading to this magnificent country, one of her many suggestions was to set aside time to walk through old Tbilisi to soak in the crumbling architecture and iconic Tbilisi balconies. So when our …

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A postcard from Tbilisi: the Best of Georgian Fashion

Natalie Cantell

All eyes on Georgia, Vogue publishes an article saying, blogger Natalie Cantell discovers what the up-and-coming fashion capital has to offer. I sent my rsvp immediately, figuring anything fashion-related I discovered in Tbilisi beyond the cheese pie situation would be a bonus. Isuspect you’ve heard little about Georgian fashion but Demna …

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10 Entertaining Things To Do in Georgia


As a person who already knows something about the Georgian tourism, I can tell you for sure that most people usually travel here for our great food, for affordable natural wine accompanied by Borjomi water afterwards, for this weird mixture of old and new, and for the Black Sea. Then, …

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The Toughest CEO Position In The World

As CEO of a home you are not just the Chief Executive Officer, you are the Chief Everything Officer. You are responsible for the finances and budgeting; the facilities cleaning, repairs, and maintenance; the laundry; the transport; the scheduling and project management; the cooking; all human resource responsibilities such as …

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