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Wooden Workshop – From Christmas Decorations to Interior Projects

Company Wooden was founded 3 years ago by three friends: Rati Bakradze, Sandro Svanidze and Elene Gogichaishvili. The company made Christmas decorations in the beginning but later started making furniture and interior design. One of the founders of wooden company, Rati Bakradze talks about more details with Marketer.


How did you start Wooden Company and how did you come up with an idea?

There was a period, when we had an advertisement agency. We made Christmas tree decorations and created a facebook page to sell our production.

What kind of important projects have you completed and what are you working on currently?

One of the important projects was a shop “8000 harvest.” We worked on the design of M2 yard on Tamarashvili Street. Besides, we created furniture for Children Entertainment Center Pigmy. Currently, we are working for Bakur Sulakauri Publishing House to design the interior for books festival.

What material do you use for furniture and how do you sell your product?

We basically use MDF, pine-tree and beech which are very commonly used in Georgia. We will collaborate with architects, designers who help us to connect to customers. As for the retail order, there are people at the market who know us and contact us via facebook.

What is your advantage compared to other companies who work in the same field?

We create high quality product very fast and at the same time, we give our customers guarantee and if something goes wrong, we will go there and fix it.