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Wasted Concept Store –Business of Six High School Students

Sopho, Iva, Phio, Nica and Natalia are 16 and 17 years old high school students started their business and opened the store on Phaliashvili Street, #32 on 19th of November. Friends choose clothes in the second hand shops and they offer the best of them in their own store at an affordable price. What kind of shop is it and how they started business, one of the founder Sopho Chikovani reveals in the interview.

Tell us about your business, what is Wasted Concept Store and how is it different from other shops?

Wasted Concept Store is a vintage clothes shop, which offers production to the costumers at an affordable price.

Everyone wants to look unique; however teenagers don’t have their own income. Therefore, we offer them an alternative. They can wear what they want and look different from others and don’t have to worry about meeting people who wears the same outfit as them.

Our second hand shop is different from other shops in sense that we choose the clothes which our peers will like and not only them.


How did you come up with an idea to start this kind of shop and how did you start the business?

We have been planning to open this shop for a long time; we wanted to open a shop with high quality of clothes which would be available for everyone.

While trying to open the shop, the main difficulty was to get financial resources. We asked different companies for help, but we were refused.   The only person who supported us materially was Lekso Askurava, who gave us the space for our shop for free.


How did you choose the design and name for the shop?

We thought about the name for a very long time. We had a lot of versions, but either the sound was not good enough or the meaning. In the end, we stopped at the “wasted”, which sounds good and the content also suits the concept of our shop. The painted Anastasia Akhvlediani helped us to create the design for the shop. The design inside the shop was created by us, independently.


What are your expectations and future plans?

We want to organize an event on Friday and Saturday where we will have a delicious wine, good music and sales on the clothes. We are also planning to renovate the interior every month. We hope that a lot of people will find out about us and we will improve our shop more and more